Cannes Umbrella – from $1,200

Cannes Umbrella

A  unique & superb “self opening” marine 316 stainless steel umbrella – EASY OPEN
NO PULLEYS – NO ROPES – NO PINS – NO CRANK HANDLES! This model has a hidden lifting system for ultra easy opening and closing of the canopy. This parasol is maintenance free and easy to operate. Simply lift the arm until the lift system takes over, lifting the canopy until it is fully open. The attractive polished cast hub locks into place automatically, so there is no need for a securing pin. 316 Stainless steel fittings are used throughout, with a tough strut to spoke joint.

MAST DIAMETER: 2″ and 2.3/8″

European solution-dyed acrylics are used for the membranes, with a choice of around 20 colors.


Shapes & Sizes

6ft 6" 8ft 10ft
8ft 10ft

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