Antibes Umbrella – from $4,000

Antibes Umbrella

This spectacular marine grade Stainless steel umbrella is ideal for most applications
An imposing and ultra-modern artisan designed side post umbrella whose natural habitat is on the French Riviera. The mast is a sturdy 2.3/8″ diameter and fabricated from satin finished (optional mirror polished finish) marine stainless steel. Precision components are used to perfection. The canopy is constructed with a stunning multi air vent. A removable crank handle is used to open and close the canopy. A double canopy version is also available. MADE IN ENGLAND.

European solution-dyed acrylics are used for the covers, with a choice of around 30 colors.


Shapes & Sizes

6ft 6" 8ft 10ft
6ft 2" x 8ft 7ft 4" x 10ft 8ft 7" x 11ft 5"
8ft 10ft 11ft 5"

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