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Umbrellas for Hotels

Hotels is an interesting subject. Small to medium sized hotels tend to go with traditional umbrellas such as the Schattello model. However, we have noticed that larger hotels plump for all kinds of shade solutions. Perhaps the wish for something a bit unusual is the driver behind this. If the area is large enough, The Albatros,Typhoon and Exzenter models offer quite singular aesthetics and can work very well indeed.

It does really depend upon what the outside area is to be used for...dining, smoking shelter and anything in between. Side post (cantilever) parasols can work very well, models such as Nautica Iroko and Nautica SS models.

TIP: If you are struggling to to decide what models best suits your application, always think...what is the shade to be used for and what kind of image do I want ? You can always give us a call, we are normally able to arrive at the right conclusion with you.

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